About us

AnyhowIndulge.com is a lifestyle website for food, practical home-made recipes and eats. We are a husband and wife team running this website as a pet project to share our love for food, cooking and baking.

She bakes and he cooks.

Our day jobs are as communications professionals. AnyhowIndulge.com allows us to (anyhow) indulge in our passion for food, while practising our professional skills in communications.

Indulge with us  

We’re not professional chefs, we’re just indulgence enthusiasts.

Life in Singapore is a pressure pot, so we need this site to (anyhow) indulge in our love for food and travel. Here in the name of fun and hunger, we hope to show that cooking and baking isn’t all that bad or difficult (we can’t say the same about cleaning up though…). We are no better than the average joe in our culinary skills. We fumble at separating egg yolks (just wasted 3 eggs the other day…). We sometimes also cut ourselves while using a peeler. Most (Worst) of all, one of us still doesn’t know how to use the in-built blades in cling film and aluminium foil rolls. But all these do not stop us from indulging in our culinary passions and neither should it deter you.

Travelling is also one of our sinful anyhow indulgences and we are only too happy to share our experiences, tips and pictures. We hope to inspire you to see more of the world and see the world the way we do.

With all things said and done, enjoy how we anyhow cook, anyhow bake, anyhow eat and anyhow travel!

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