Here at, we have a love affair with London. It is simply the greatest city in the world to us. We visit the city at least once every year, sometimes twice. One of us has also spent an unforgettable year there, while studying for his master’s degree.

We know London.

We would readily share with you anything and everything about London, but where should we begin? There is just too much and too many aspects of the place to delve into. There are the museums, galleries, markets, food, theatre and musicals, food, pubs, coffee, food, shopping, palaces, parks, food, supermarkets and food.

We will anyhow cover different aspects of London in future posts on this blog. For now, we leave you with some amazing pictures of London from our time there. Also for a start, here is a VERY generic anyhow itinerary for first-time visitors to London. Usually, we would prefer to find out more about our friends’ specific interests and where they will be putting up in London first, before recommending a tailored itinerary to them. Nevertheless, enjoy!


Must-visit places for first-timers (NOT EXHAUSTIVE):

Suggested itinerary to fit everything in:

  • Day 1:
    Westminster (where Big Ben is) + Westminster Abbey
    Buckingham Palace
    Fortnum and Mason
    Piccadilly Circus + Leicester Square + Covent Garden
  • Day 2:
    Leadenhall Market
    Tower of London + Tower Bridge
    London Bridge (just a bridge, really…)
    Borough Market
    Shakespeare’s Globe (we don’t recommend paying the amount for the tour)
    Tate Modern (if time permits because it is in the vicinity, but if not, see Day 3)
    Watch a musical – Matilda is highly recommended
  • Day 3:
    St Paul’s Cathedral
    Tate Modern (if you can’t squeeze it in on Day 2)
  • Day 4:
    British Musem
    Camden Market
    Watch a musical – Les Miserables is highly recommended
  • Day 5:
    Notting Hill + Portobello Road Market (needs to be on a weekend)
    Hyde Park
  • Day 6:
    Trafalgar Square + National Gallery + National Portrait Gallery
    Oxford Street for shopping